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Master the changes in EN 12983-1: 2023

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European standardEN 12983 parts 1 and 2, which deal with domestic cookware for use on top of astove, cooker or hob, have recently been updated with new general requirements.

EN 12983 seriesstandards specify requirements for domestic cookware for use on top of a stove,cooker or hob.


Specifies safetyand performance requirements for items of cookware for domestic use on top of astove, cooker or hob. It applies to all cookware regardless of the material ormethod of manufacture. It also applies to cookware intended for use both “on top and “in oven”.

Part 2:

Specifies safetyand performance requirements for domestic ceramic and glass ceramic cookwarefor use on top of a stove, cooker or hob.

The latestversions, EN 12983-1: 2023 and EN 12983-2: 2023 were published in February2023. These documents supersede EN 12983-1: 2000 with amendment/corrigendum andCEN/TS 12983-2: 2005 respectively. They shall be given the status of a nationalstandard, either by publication of an identical text or by endorsement, at thelatest by August 2023. Conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn byAugust 2023 at the latest.

The main changescompared to the previous edition are:

EN 12983-1: 2023

Adds the handlepull test in the original

Adds non-stickcoating performance test, including corrosion resistance test

Adds heatdistribution test

Adds and revisedthe applicability test of multiple heat sources

EN 12983-2: 2023

Removes the handlepull test, the test for heat resistance of furniture, the durability test fornon-stick coating, corrosion resistance test for non-stick coating, the heatdistribution test and the applicability test for various heat sources (requiredin EN 12983-1: 2023)

Adds impactresistance of rim and any attached handles

Adds performancerequirement of easy-to-clean coatings, if claimed

Updates theperformance requirements of non-stick coatings

Updates thethermal shock endurance requirements of the body and lid

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