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How to choose a sharp edge tester

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Introducing the Safequipment SFT S1-2070 Sharp Edge Tester is anessential tool for toy manufacturers, testing laboratories, and relevantenterprises. It quickly and accurately detects potentially hazardous sharpedges on toys, ensuring the safety of children and meeting relevant regulationsand standards. By purchasing the SFT S1-2070 Sharp Edge Tester, you are takingan important step towards protecting the safety of children.

Key Features of the SFT S1-2070 SharpEdge Tester:

The SFT S1-2070 Sharp Edge Testercomplies with the following standards: EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018 clause 8.11 Figure25, ASTM F963-2023 Fig8, AS/NZS 8124.1:2019+Amd1+Amd2:2020, ISO8124-2018+Amd1+Amd2:2020, SOR/2011-17, 16CFR 1500.49 CPSC, GB6675.2-2014, GB/T31702-2015.


      MandrelDiameter: 0.375" (ASTM F963) / 9.53mm (EN71)

      Force:1.35 lbf (ASTM F963) / 6.0N (EN71-1)

      Speed:1" (±0.08") per second (ASTM F963) / 23 (±4) mm/s (EN71)

      MandrelRockwell C Hardness: >HRC40

      MandrelRoughness Ra not greater than 0.4um

      PowerAdapter: Input 110-220VAC, Output 15VDC 5A (CE Mark compliant)

How tochoose a sharp edge tester

Key tips:

When purchasing the SFT S1-2070 SharpEdge Tester, it is necessary to understand the testing requirements of thetesting standards. Different countries have slight differences in therequirements for sharp edge testing, mainly reflected in the strength of thesharp edge tester:

Force value:

1.35lbf (6N) (ASTM F963 Americanstandard)

6 (+0.5/-0.5) N (EN71-1 EuropeanStandard)    

6 (+0/-0.5) N (GB6675 Chinese NationalStandard)

5.5 (+0.5/-0.5) N (SOR/2011 CanadianStandard)

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