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Supply ASTM F963-17 test equipment list

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A new version of ASTM F963-17 was published in 2017.

Safequipment Limited, we can supply ASTM F963-17 all test equipment.

Please referene below information, you can open below the link indicate the corresponding test equipment.

ASTM F963-17 List Equipment (Safequipment Limited)
ItemsProduct NameASTM F963-17Link
1SFT S1-2070 Sharp edge testerASTM F963 clause 4.7 Fig 8
2SFT S1-2072 Sharp  Point TesterASTM F963 clause 4.9  Fig 9
3SFT S1-2073  Accessibility A (0-36 months)ASTM F963  clause 3.1.2 Fig 1
4SFT S1-2074  Accessibility B (37-96 months)ASTM F963  clause 3.1.2 Fig 1
5SFT S1-2075 Small  Parts CylinderASTM F963  Fig 3
6SFT S1-2077 Impact  MediumASTM F963 8.7.1
7SFT S1-2080 81 US EN  Flexure TesterASTM F963 Fig 36
8SFT S1-2080A  Automatic Flexure TesterASTM F963 Fig 36
9SFT S1-2082 Test  Fixture for Small BallsASTM F963 Fig 17
10SFT S1-2083 Rattle  Test FixtureASTM F963 Fig 20 Fig  21
11SFT S1-2084 Pacifier  Test FixtureASTM F963 Fig 14
12SFT S1-2085 Head  ProbeASTM F963 clause  4.14.1 Fig 10
13SFT S1-2085B BlockASTM F963 caluse 4.39  Fig 29
14SFT S1-2086  Compression Head for Force GaugeASTM F963 8.10.1
15SFT S1-2087 Steel  Ball Of ImpactASTM F963 clause  8.7.4
16SFT S1-2087A Ball  Impact Test FixtureASTM F963 clause  8.7.4
17SFT S1-2088 Torque  Test KitASTM F963
18SFT S1-2090 Tension  Test KitASTM F963
19SFT S1-2091 Two  Pronged ClampASTM F963
20SFT S1-2092 Three  Pronged ClampASTM F963
21SFT S1-2093 Surface  Tension ClampASTM F963
22SFT S1-2095 Long Nose  Vise Grip (6''or 7'') ASTM F963
23SFT S1-2096 Short  Nose Vise Grip (6''or 7'')  ASTM F963
24SFT S1-2094 Seam Test  Clamp (Dia 19mm)ASTM F963 Fig 32
25SFT S1-2099 Kinetic  Energy TesterASTM F963
26SFT S1-2099B Tip  Gauge ASTM F963 8.14
27SFT S1-2099A  Improvised Projectiles  ASTM F963 Fig 40
28SFT S1-2099B ISO 8124  Tip GaugeASTM F963 Fig 15
29SFT S1-2099C Quarter  Sphere (measured Improvised Projectiles distance)ASTM F963 Fig 38
30SFT S1-2101  Non-inductive Resistor 2000Ω 500WASTM F963
31SFT S1-2102A  Cords and chains test blocks ASTM F963 Clause 8.22  Fig 45
32SFT S1-2107 Hair  Clamp ASTM F963
33SFT S1-2108 2m s  TesterASTM F963
34SFT S1-2109 Test  Template and Rod (ASTM F963 Fig30)ASTM F963 clasue 4.40  and 8.30.8 Fig 30
35SFT S1-2111 Flat  Plate Battery Test DeviceASTM F963
36SFT S1-2112 Battery  Test BoxASTM F963
37SFT S1-2113 Yo Yo  Elastic Tether Toy TesterASTM F963 8.24
38SFT S1-2114 Wheel  Roller DeviceASTM F963
39SFT S1-2117 Tension  Clamp ASTM F963
40SFT S1-2118 Clamp for  Wheel TensionASTM F963
41SFT S1-2119 Tumble  Test for ToysASTM F963 clause  8.7.3 Fig 31
42SFT S1-2151 Hasbro  SRS-062 BatteryASTM F963
43SFT S1-2152 Thickness  tester ISO4593ASTM F963 8.22
44SFT S1-2153 Film  Thickness Test TemplateASTM F963 8.22
452-TM20-A-S Torque  Gauge ASTM F963
46SFT F4-4080 Pin Bed  for Flammability Test Fixture ASTM F963ASTM F963 Fig A.5.2
47SFT F4-4081 Test  Candle (ASTM F963)ASTM F963 Fig A.5.2

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