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Supply IEC60811-1-4 Figure 1 Cord Bend Tester SFT S2-1206

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This tester is intended in general for cores of circular cross-sectionhaving an external diameter up to and including 12.5 mm and for sector-shapedcores when it is not possible to prepare dumb- bells.

The apparatus shall be held in a refrigerator before and during thetest.

The diameter of the mandrel shall be between 4 and 5 times the diameterof the test piece (see below).

The mandrel shall be uniformly rotated at a rate of one revolution inabout 5 s and the number of turns shall be as specified in the following table:

Overall diameter (d) of the test  piece (mm)

Number of turns



2.5≤4.5< DIV>


4.5≤6.5< DIV>


6.5≤8.5< DIV>




The actual diameter of each test piece shall be measured by either aVernier caliper or a measuring tape. For sector-shaped test pieces, the minoraxis is taken as the parameter equivalent to the diameter for determining themandrel diameter and the number of turns.

For flat cords, the mandrel diameter shall be based on the minor axisdimension of the test piece, which is wound on with its minor axisperpendicular to the mandrel.

Conforms To

IEC60811-1-4 clause 8.1; IEC60540

SFT S2-1206

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