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Supply IEC60950-1 Annex U &IEC60065 Annex H "Insulated winding wires for use without interleaved insulation" test machine SFT S2-1600/1601/1601A

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SFT S2-1600 Winding wire bendingtest machine

Conforms To

IEC60950-1 Annex U,IEC60851-3 clause 5, IEC60065 Annex H

SFT S2-1600

SFT S2-1601 Insulated winding wiretest table

Conforms To

IEC60851-5(clause 4.4.1 Figure 2

SFT S2-1601

SFT S2-1601A 2mm Stainless Steelball and container

Conforms To

IEC60851-5(clasue4.5.1 and 4.6.1),IEC60959 AnnexU2.4 IEC60065 Annex H

SFT S2-1601A

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