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Safequipment Introduces SFT S1-2122 EN 12980 impact testing device PLUS

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Introducing the Safequipment SFT S1-2122 EN12980 impact testingdevice PLUS - an ideal choice for food contact materials and equipment!

The SFT S1-2122 EN12980 Impact TestDevice PLUS is designed to comply with BS EN 12980:2000, the standard fortesting the impact resistance of food contact materials and equipment forindustrial use. This device is suitable for a variety of glass and non-metallicutensil impact tests.

Key specifications:

Adjustable lift for different impactpendulums

Sample holder adjustable for testingdifferent models

Six different specifications of impactpendulum (0.2m, 0.3m, 0.4m, 0.5m, 0.6m, 0.7m) made from 304 stainless steel

Ten weights from 100g to 1000g, madefrom a steel of hardness 55 to 65 HRC

Angle adjustment according to testrequirements

Safety cover with sliding door design,made from aluminum profile and transparent plexiglass

Plate adjustable test clamp (platediameter 150mm-450mm adjustable)

The SFT S1-2122 EN12980 Impact TestDevice PLUS is an essential tool for food contact material and equipmentmanufacturers, testing laboratories, and relevant enterprises. It provides areliable and accurate method for testing the impact resistance of various glassand non-metallic utensils, ensuring their compliance with BS EN 12980:2000. Bypurchasing the SFT S1-2122 EN12980 Impact Test Device PLUS , you are taking animportant step towards ensuring the safety and performance of your food contactmaterials and equipment.

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